Procedures for Men

Arm Lift

An upper Arm Lift is a surgical procedure undertaken to reshape the under (back) portion of the upper arm to reduce excess sagging underarm skin. Fat is also removed to smooth and tighten the appearance of the upper arm.

The procedure generally takes about two hours, under general or local anesthesia.

An incision is created from the elbow to the armpit and the underlying tissue and fat are removed. The remaining skin and tissue are then lifted to achieve a tighter/smoother effect.

You may already have a surgeon or you might be looking at financing options first, either way can help you understand your options.


Generally patients return home a day or two after the procedure. Base recovery time is one to two weeks. You can return to work after about two weeks, and to the gym after four to six weeks.

Swelling and redness usually completely dissipate after a month, and numbness may last for a few months. Use prescribed painkillers as required. Any drains and stitches are removed after five to 10 days and a surgical stocking will often be needed to be worn for three to four weeks.


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At a Glance
About 2 Hours

Local with sedation or general anesthesia

In/Out Patient:  
In Patient

24 Hours


The smoother, tighter contours of your arms will be apparent almost immediately after your brachioplasty procedure, though there will be some swelling and bruising. It may take up to two years to see the final results.

This procedure leaves the patient with a permanent visible scar.