Procedures for Men

Tummy Tuck

Even with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, many of us cannot achieve a flat abdomen or the muscle tone we desire. A Tummy Tuck can tighten slack muscles due to significant weight fluctuation and remove excess fat and skin to create a slimmer more shapely figure. can help you get the financing you need for a Tummy Tuck, and we can also help you find a surgeon through our physician referral service.


Generally, Tummy Tuck procedures require general anesthesia which means you will sleep through the procedure. Occasionally, with a mini Tummy Tuck, local anesthesia with sedation can be administered, which means you will be awake but sedated during the surgery and the incision site will be numbed. Some Tummy Tuck procedures may require an overnight stay in an aftercare facility which is an additional cost.

Surgeon Fees

Each surgeon will charge a specific rate for their services. It is important that you find a surgeon you trust, whose work you admire and who cares about your goals and wants to help you reach them. Try not to be a bargain hunter with your surgeon. You don’t want to scrimp on or take chances with Tummy Tuck surgery. Your health and safety are as important as your desired look.


Tummy Tuck surgery requires at least 2 to 4 weeks of recovery. Light work can be resumed by 3 or 4 weeks according to your doctor’s orders. Strenuous work or exercise will need to be avoided for up to 6 weeks. Following your doctor’s instructions after surgery is very important for insuring a healthy recovery the best possible surgical result.

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At a Glance


2 to 5 hours


Sedation or General Anesthesia

In/Out Patient:  

Depending on the circumstance


2 to 5 weeks


Tummy Tuck surgery will result in a scar across the lower abdomen usually placed a few inches below the belly button. Your scar may continue to heal and fade for up to 2 years. Even though fading will occur, your scar will remain visible after the healing time. Weight fluctuation will impact your long term results. Taking good care of your physical health with a good diet and proper exercise will prolong the results of your Tummy Tuck indefinitely.