Procedures for Women

Breast Lift

For many women, age and childbearing take a toll on the shape and volume of our breasts causing them to sag. As our breast loose their perkiness, we can begin to feel self-conscious about our body. A breast lift can raise your breasts restoring their youthful shape and contour.

If you already have a surgeon and are looking at financing options, can help you understand your options.

Surgeon Fees

Surgeon’s fees vary for Breast Lift surgery because there are different techniques based on your desired outcome and the size of your breasts. It is important that you find a surgeon you trust, whose work you admire and who cares about your goals and wants to help you reach them. Try not to be a bargain hunter with your surgeon as your health and safety is important. Lets not forget, you will be the one wearing the outcome for years to come.


Breast Lift recovery usually takes about 1 week. Most patients can return to office work during their second week of recovery. If your job requires lifting or reaching, you may need an extra week of recovery. Strenuous exercise or activities will need to be avoided for at least 1 month.

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At a Glance
1 to 3 hours

General Anesthesia

In/Out Patient:  
Out Patient

2 weeks or more


Breast Lift surgery will result in a scar along the lower part of your breast. Your scar may continue to heal and fade for up to 1 year. Even though fading will occur, your scar will remain visible after the healing time.

Weight fluctuation or subsequent pregnancy will impact your long term results.

Breast Lifts tend to permanently reshape your breasts, but as you continue to age; your breast may continue to sag.