Procedures for Women

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure that will reduce internal vaginal mucosa, which tightens the canal. This can help increase muscle tone, control and strength, and potentially increase pleasurable friction during intercourse.

You may already have a surgeon or you might be looking at financing options first, either way can help you understand your options.


There will be some pain and discomfort after the surgery and patients can expect a certain amount of swelling as well. Pain medication will be prescribed by the plastic surgeon to help the patient get through the first few weeks following the surgery. Very often the plastic surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to the patient following the surgery in the event that an infection was to develop. The majority of patients are on their feet and walking around within a few days, which is strongly recommended by the surgeon to encourage proper blood circulation.

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At a Glance


1 to 2 hours


General Anesthesia

In/Out Patient:  

Out Patient


4 to 6 weeks